Genevieve Alban

Genevieve Novicky Alban One of the joys of being part of the Artists’ Guild has been the opportunity to know and work with artists like Gen Alban, our founding president. Guild members in a variety of ages have enjoyed her friendship. There was always a certain youthful joyfulness radiating from her that drew people. I have long admired her - a delightful, energetic, positive, elegant, talented lady my husband Carl and I have had the privilege to know and have as a friend. She has been a great role model for me and others on many levels. I met both Gen and Carl in those early beginning days of the Artists’ Guild when she was president. In the subsequent twenty two years, she remained enthusiastic, supportive, complementary and encouraging, spunky with a touch of mischievousness and determination. I have always admired her ability to write poetry and her delight in doing the daily crossword puzzles . She thought something baked was a great way to show her affection and display her Slovak heritage. Education and bringing art to students has always been an area of interest and support.

I remember the sparkle in her eyes after meeting Russ Alban and how much they enjoyed their time together. She always was dressed so carefully and attractively - she loved bright tropical colors in dress and paintings. She loved being involved in events, “I would LOVE to install the new offices” and then, even when limited by her wheel chair, worked to make the new officers feel special.

Most recently we all joined in celebration of her 90th birthday which was last year. Daughter Marita give us a brief history of her mother and helped us to learn more about the varied roles she had played in the communities in which she lived.

Over the past twenty-two years Guild members have gathered as a result of her vision. We have gathered for meetings, celebrations such as the fifth, tenth, fifteenth and twentieth Guild anniversaries, art walks, artists receptions, poetry reading, holiday dinners as well as a wedding reception for Russ and her.

We all were saddened to learn that Gen Alban had passed away late on Thursday, September 23

Now we will have gathered with her family in both sadness and celebration of her life. How blessed we are to have had a part in her story and to have known Genevieve Novicky Alban.

Joan Voyles, Past President